lundi 27 octobre 2008

World Education Alliance Announced

The World Education Alliance is a global education alliance, incorporating Mindsharp (USA), Combined Knowledge Ltd, (UK and EMEA) and Combined Knowledge Asia Pacific, (Australia and New Zealand). Each of the companies within the WEA specializes in the development and delivery of Information Technology Training classes.

The Exclusive portfolio of courses that are available from the World Education Alliance enables organizations to have Global Training Solutions that meet the needs of any role involved in an environment from Administrators, Developers, Designers and End Users to Executives.

The courses are written and delivered by Expert Information Technology trainers and consultants who have the knowledge and skills required to deliver quality training courses either on a public scheduled basis or as private courses to various organizations.

Our Trainers and Consultants boast industry leading accreditations and references including the prestigious Microsoft MVP Accreditation.
The World Education Alliance, enables you to organize your Information Technology Training requirements for Administrators, Developers, Designers and End Users over multiple locations in one easy step, you can maintain the same local contact that will help you to plan and organize your training program across multiple office locations.

This process enables you to maintain the quality of IT training that you require across all regions ensuring that all people involved in an implementation are receiving the same training wherever they are based. World Education Alliance Announced
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