mardi 4 novembre 2008

MSOZACADEMIC : Live Mesh Mac Client Now Available

J'utilise Live Mesh et vais en parler à la prochaine réunion du CLUB MOSS FRANCE le 15 Décembre à Paris, voir : on parlera aussi de Microsoft SharedView...

Inscriptions club membres :

MSOZACADEMIC : Live Mesh Mac Client Now Available: "With the official release of Live Mesh Beta last week, there have been some small improvements to the overall application, including a new Mac Client. People with Mac computers can now enjoy the benefits of Live Mesh including 5GB of cloud storage and take advantage of synchronisation between their Macs and other devices. The list of things that you can potentially do with Live Mesh connectivity is endless. As Live Mesh starts to develop we are seeing more cool applications released including the latest, ‘Mesh Mobile’. Mesh Mobile has been designed for the car. The application includes, navigation, weather forecasts, Internet, synchronisation with your music, pictures and documents and so much more. Check out the cool Mesh Mobile demo on the Channel 9 site.
For more information, go to the Live Mesh website and sign up today for 5GB of free storage today."

Président du Club MOSS 2007 et MUG.
Vice-Président Club UGO2007

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