vendredi 7 novembre 2008

SharePoint Tutorials from

SharePoint Tutorials from " provides on-demand access to SharePoint tutorials from LearnVu to all our SharePoint hosting customers. This is a significant value-add service to our SharePoint hosting offerings.

Did anyone ever hand you a SharePoint user manual or some other “documentation” when you had a question about a SharePoint feature, configuration issue or problem.

Did you ever want to have an SharePoint expert sit with you every time you had a question or needed to sharpen your skills with a particular piece of software or hardware?
Did you ever sit through a long support queue when you just wanted your “simple” SharePoint question answered in a way you could understand

SharePoint tutorials from LearnVu are your answer to common issues users have in learning SharePoint software. You will be up and running SharePoint quickly with and LearnVu.

LearnVu Tutorial Tips: (1) use with high speed internet access (2) after a tutorial loads you may need to press the 'stop' button on the video control to queue the video (3) verify that your browser has the Flash plug-in."
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