mardi 27 octobre 2009


I must tests this solution (because a friend say to me It’s a good solution to work with W7 and W2K8… for SP2010)

The Fat Bloke's Shorts

Short "how to" movies on various aspects of using VirtualBox, presented to you by the industrial figure of Fat Bloke.

Download and Install

Fatbloke shows us how to download and install VirtualBox on an Apple Mac.

Creating your first Guest Virtual Machine (Windows 7)

Fatbloke creates a Windows 7 virtual machine and installs the Guest Additions into it.

Host and Guest Integration

Fatbloke shows how the guest can be configured to work seamlessly with the host in 3 areas:

  • Display modes (resizing, seamless, full screen)
  • Copy and Paste
  • Shared Folders

In this episode he uses a Mac Host and a Windows 7 guest.

64-bit Guests

This episode explains how to run 64-bit guests, even when you have a 32-bit host platform.

Wobbly Windows or 3D acceleration

With version 2.1 VirtualBox introduced 3D acceleration for Windows guests, and with 2.2 Linux and Solaris guests. In this episode we look at how we can use 3D graphics acceleration to deliver the features of the Compiz visual effects in an Ubuntu 9.04 guest on a Mac OS X, or more simply speaking, how we can make our windows wobbly.

Importing and Exporting virtual appliances

VirtualBox 2.2 introduced the Virtual Appliance wizard: a way of exporting and importing virtual machines or appliances using the industry standard OVF or Open Virtualization Format. In this movie we show : - how to export your own appliances to share, move to production or publish - how to import pre-built appliances so you can use "off the peg" virtual machines.

The VirtualBox Live Show

Episodes of the regular live webinar that covers the latest developments in the world of VirtualBox.

Episode 1 -- February 2009

  • News Headlines
  • How we announce stuff
  • What's new in Version 2.1
  • Demos:
    1. OpenGL acceleration
    2. 64-bit guests
    3. Windows 7 Shared Folders
  • Q & A

Episode 2 -- April 2009

  • In this edition of the VirtualBox Live Show, we discuss what's new in VirtualBox 2.2. Watch this replay to get up to speed on the new features, a live demo, and Q&A.;

Episode 3 -- June 2009

  • News Headlines
  • Building solutions:
    1. Using the Command-Line interface
    2. Using the VirtualBox Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • VirtualBox powers the Virtual Desktops at JavaOne 2009
  • Q & A

Episode 4 -- Aug 2009

  • News Headlines
  • What's New in 3.0?
  • VirtualBox and Mobile Platforms (Android, Palm WebOS, Moblin)
  • The VirtualBox Web Console VBoxWeb
  • Q & A

Episode 5 -- Oct 2009

  • News Headlines
  • What's New in 3.0.8?
  • The VirtualBox Web Console VBoxWeb
    • About the project
    • Checking out the code
    • Running the Web Console
    • The User Experience
  • Q & A


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